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Intrusion - Ken MacLeod I have a hard time rating this book. I found the narrative generally slow and a bit boring. It didn't keep my interest for more than a page or two at a time.That said, the ideas that the book deals with are well illustrated and engaging. I don't know if the slow, often boring plot was a necessary side effect of the in-depth analysis and rich world building that help paint a very scary, and extremely plausible view of the future. The dystopian utopia that the characters live in and how it is contrasted with the other side of their "Warm War" shows a lot of things that are on the way to very wrong in our society.This is, of course, the goal of great sci-fi: paint a picture of a world gone wrong to throw our current world in stark relief and highlight the things that are wrong or going wrong today.Intrusion does that very well. It's just not that engaging to read (until the last 50 pages).If you have the time, read it for the ideas, themes and analysis, but don't expect much from the plot.

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